January 13, 2019: welcome, friends, to my blog

the idea is to not twiddle my thumbs. but writing is daunting. and writing about one’s self is nerveracking… plus, i’m boring af. on second thought, twiddling my thumbs may be the most adventurous these posts get.

but i welcome yall… except for you Joe Johnston. i mean, you’re welcome… i guess… of course… but you’ve already been here once before in what i’m calling in hindsight “my beta testing”… so this appearing on your timeline again orsumshit might just be a little redundant. my bad.

goddammitfuckthisblog… writing is intimidating.

next time around: yall bring a little bourbon, i bring a little bourbon, we snuggle up to our device screens of choice, we let the finely distilled lubricants work their magic aaaaannnd… maybe / jus’ maybe – things might go a little smoother our second (or third!) time around… ?

stay up yall,


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